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NITROCRYPT digital currency service rules

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement defines the procedure in accordance with which the NitroCrypt Service exchanges electronic money online.

1.2. Service is an Internet resource that provides the ability to perform electronic money exchange transactions, which is located on the network at

1.3. The Client of the Service may be a private or legal person who wishes to use the services provided by the Service.

1.4. If the Client and the Service are referred to jointly, they will be referred to as the Parties to this Agreement.

1.5. When concluding this Agreement, the Parties agree that the electronic handicap has the same legal force as a document on paper and will regulate the relationship between the Client and the Service that offers money exchange services.

1.6. This Agreement is a public offer. The Client accepts it when he submits an Application through the Service website for an exchange transaction.

1.7. The Client, through the Service website or in the mobile application, confirms that he accepts these terms of the Agreement. Only then will he take any action.

1.8. If the Client started using the Service by submitting an Exchange Request or any other, this is regarded as his consent to undergo the identification procedure and provide the Service with all the required data and documents for verification. This is a mandatory condition for the provision of the Service.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The NitroCrypt service provides online electronic money exchange services. The procedure for the provision of these services determines the internal procedure of the Service.

2.2. When using the services of the Service, the Client pays for them, observing the conditions that this Agreement establishes.

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties

3.1. Service Responsibilities:

3.1.1. Carrying out exchange operations with digital money of payment systems, guided by the standards specified in this Agreement.

3.1.2. Providing technical and informational support to the Client when he transfers funds using the Service.

3.1.3. Ensuring the safety of information on exchange transactions, including the Client"s personal data, the time and amount of the exchange, other data, as well as providing this information to the Clients who performed these operations.

3.1.4. Information on money transfers in different directions is confidential and cannot be disclosed to a third party. The exception is such cases:

- issuance and entry into force of the relevant decision of the court, which is located in the country where the Service is located;

- law enforcement agencies and financial monitoring institutions operating at the location of the Service have made an official request;

- the management of online payment systems made a corresponding request.

3.1.5. Ensuring the use of discounts by the Client (if any) when making an exchange transaction.

3.1.6. Ensuring the accrual of funds to the account of the Client or a third party within 24 hours after the complaint was received in the cases provided for by this Agreement.

3.1.7. Strict adherence to the Privacy Policy.

3.2. Client Responsibilities:

3.2.1. Providing accurate data so that the Service can correctly and timely perform money transfers.

3.2.2. Indication of reliable data during the identification process, as well as an email address.

3.2.3. Ensuring the possibility of receiving system messages to your e-mail address. The presence of a computer with Internet access, the use of the latest version of an anti-virus program to establish a secure connection to the Service.

3.2.4. Strict compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

3.2.5. Notifying the Service of all cases when the amount specified in the Application was not transferred to the details of the Service in whole or in part. This notification must be sent to the administration of the Service within a month from the moment when the money should be received. Otherwise, the service can dispose of this amount at its discretion.

3.2.6. Compliance with applicable laws that regulate online money transfers.

3.2.7. No cheating traffic of different types.

3.2.8. Guaranteed reaching the age of majority, which allows making money transfers in accordance with the current legislation of the state where the Client is located.

3.2.9. Ensuring the security of the account on the Service website, notifying the administration if any suspicious activity is noticed in the Client"s account.

3.2.10. Providing reliable information and documents, passing identification, providing data or documents if the Service requests them for verification.

3.3. Rights of the NitroCrypt Service:

3.3.1. Suspension for the duration of work to improve its functionality, fix breakdowns.

3.3.2. Stopping the execution of the exchange operation on the Client"s Application, if the competent authorities or the management of the Payment systems make a request, a complaint will be received from the Client regarding fraud. The operation stops until the situation is clarified and resolved.

3.3.3. Establishment of discounts for Clients on money exchange operations (at its discretion).

3.3.4. Determining the amount of the commission that the Client must pay for money exchange services.

3.3.5. Refusal to provide the Service to a potential Client without explaining the reasons for this.

3.3.6. Receipt from the Client of data that confirms the execution of the exchange operation, if an error occurred in the process of its implementation. To do this, you can use email, a smartphone, a screenshot of an electronic wallet.

3.3.7. Termination of cooperation with the Client, if the latter is rude in communication, does not provide the required data to client support, asks questions that are not related to the services of the Service.

3.3.8. Blocking the exchange operation in accordance with the regulations and clause 5 of this Agreement.

3.3.9. Blocking the exchange operation and all funds received from the Client until the situation is clarified in any disputable situations. The duration of the block can be up to 165 calendar days.

3.3.10. Blocking the Client"s account if he does not comply with his obligations under this Agreement.

3.3.11. Application of the actions described in clause 3.3.9 of this Agreement, if the administration of the Service suspects that illegal actions are committed during the exchange operation, the requirements of the current legislation are violated, as well as the requirement from the Client to go through a full identification procedure by providing the required documents and information personal nature, confirm the origin of funds.

4. Features of the provision of the Service

4.1. The Service performs exchange operations through payment systems, the list of which is indicated on the Service website.

4.2. The Service starts to carry out the exchange operation immediately after the Client transfers the amount of funds indicated when filling out the Application. If the Client has created an Application, but has not transferred the amount specified in the Application within 20 minutes, then it is automatically deleted. If the payment was received after the regulated time, then the recalculation is made at the rate that is valid at the time when the money is received from the Client to the details of the Service.

4.3. The execution of the Application by the Service is completed when the funds are credited to the account indicated by the Client in the Application.

4.4. It is impossible to cancel the Application by the Client if the exchange operation has already begun, or it is impossible to return the funds that he provided for the exchange operation.

4.5. Upon receipt from the Client of an amount that differs from that specified in the Application, it is possible to recalculate according to the funds actually received, or to suspend the operation by the Service. If the Client makes a request, the payment of the amount received is carried out at the rate that was in effect at the time the transfer was started.

4.6. If the Client specifies details that are invalid or blocked, the Service terminates the money exchange operation. In accordance with the Client"s request, the Service returns funds to the Client"s details from which they were received, deducting the commission for the exchange operation from this amount.

4.7. If the Client changes the note to the transaction or pays the invoice from another account, the Service blocks the operation. Based on the Client"s request, the Service refunds the funds, deducting the commission for the exchange operation from them.

4.8. If the Client performs an exchange operation in order to receive a cryptocurrency, then the terms of execution of the Application will depend on the network load and may take several days. The service is not responsible for the speed of payments and their confirmation in the blockchain.

4.9. In any case, when a refund is made, a commission of 5% is withheld, except for clause 9.10

5. Rights and obligations of the Parties to the Agreement

5.1. If the Client incorrectly uses the services of the Service, made a mistake when filling out some items of the Application on the site during the exchange of digital money, then the Service does not bear any responsibility. When transferring money to the wrong account, the operation is not canceled, the funds are not returned.

5.2. If the Client cannot use the equipment as a whole or its individual elements, then the Service is not responsible for the damage and losses that arise because of this.

5.3. The service is not responsible for the operation of banks and payment systems that lead to a delay in the execution of a transaction or an error.

5.4. The Service is not responsible for any types of costs, losses and lost profits of the Client if his ideas about tariffs, profit margins and other points were erroneous.

5.5. The Service is not responsible for all types of the Client"s costs if there are errors or delays in making payments in electronic form.

5.6. The client agrees that the funds he wishes to exchange belong to him legally or he disposes of them legally.

5.7. The Client agrees to indemnify third parties for losses incurred as a result of direct or indirect use of the functions or resources of the Service.

5.8. The client guarantees that he has reached the age of majority in accordance with the current legislation. If this condition is violated, the Client is prohibited from using the services of the Service.

5.9. The Client undertakes to stop using the Service if the laws in force in the country of his residence prohibit the use of online services for the exchange or the use of cryptocurrency assets.

5.10. The Client guarantees that he will not use the Service to implement fraudulent schemes and perform any actions that are contrary to applicable laws.

5.11. The entire responsibility for the actions that the Client performs using the Service or its applications lies with the Client.

5.12. The Client must independently pay taxes when making exchange transactions on the Service, which are provided for by the current tax legislation of the country of its location.

5.13. The Client confirms that he will not encourage a third party to take actions that are prohibited by this Agreement, as well as take any actions that are contrary to the requirements of the laws of the country where he is located.

5.14. The Client guarantees that he will not attempt to gain access to any information or services to which he does not have access.

5.15. The Client guarantees that he will not attempt to interfere with the operation of the Service using various methods.

5.16. The Client guarantees that he will not use the functions and resources of the Service to conduct exchange transactions with cryptocurrency assets obtained as a result of illegal gaming activities, fraudulent schemes, money laundering, terrorist and other activities that violate applicable law. Only those financial resources, the receipt of which is characterized as legal, can participate in exchange transactions.

6. Changing the terms of the Agreement between the Parties

The Service has the right to make changes or additions to this Agreement with the Client unilaterally. The effect of these changes begins from the moment they are published on the website of the Service. The client must accept them unconditionally. If he does not agree with the new terms of service, then you need to send a notification to the administration of the Service. Further servicing of the Client, if he has not accepted the new terms of the Service, is impossible.

7. Force majeure

In the event of force majeure situations, the Parties to this Agreement will be released from liability if they have not fulfilled or delayed the fulfillment of their obligations under the terms of this Agreement. Such situations include the following: natural disaster, action or inaction of authorities, hostilities, terrorist attacks, floods, explosions, hacker attacks, mass unrest. Force majeure situations can also include such circumstances when there is no electricity or there are interruptions, there are problems with access to the Internet or it is completely absent, there is no connection, problems in the operation of other systems or networks.

8. Terms of Service

8.1. The Client cannot use the Services to conduct illegal or fraudulent exchange transactions. Any attempt to make a dubious exchange threatens with punishment in accordance with the current legislation of the country where the exchange operation is performed.

8.2. The Service has the right to transfer data on illegal payments, if it has objective evidence, to authorities with relevant competencies, the administration of the relevant Payment system.

8.3. The client is personally responsible for the legality of the sources of funds. The service does not have the authority to verify their origin.

8.4. The Service is not responsible if the Client has instructed a third party to conduct an exchange operation.

8.5. The Client agrees to the terms of this Agreement if he agrees with the exchange rules of the Service.

8.6. If the Client starts an exchange operation using the functions and resources of the Service, then the procedure for identifying his personality is mandatory.

9. The process of identifying the personal data of the Client

9.1. In order to be able to access the services of the Service, the Client in some cases must go through the identification procedure.

9.2. At its discretion, the Service may request different data and documents to verify the identity of the Client:

- full name of the Client;

- series, number and other information of the Client"s passport;

- photo of internal and foreign passport;

- date and place of birth;

- the place of registration of the Client and the place of his location at the moment;

- contact details: phone number, e-mail address, postal code, etc.;

- a selfie of the Client with a document confirming his identity in his hand;

- photo of payment for utilities (confirmation of place of residence);

- any other personal data and documents that will allow the Service to fully identify the Client who wants to conduct an exchange operation.

9.3. Based on the data and documents provided by the Client, the Service conducts an audit to identify traces of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraudulent schemes and other criminal acts of a financial nature, using the functions and resources of the Service.

9.4. When collecting, using and transferring the Client"s data, the Service strictly observes the Data Privacy Policy.

9.5. The Client agrees that all the data provided about him will be recorded during the entire time the account is active on the Service and for 5 years after its deletion.

9.6. The Client agrees that the Service will conduct investigations on its own or involve third parties in order to verify its identity in order to protect against criminal acts.

9.7. The Client is responsible for keeping the information up to date. He must independently make changes and additions to it, if such a need arises. You can do this through your personal account or by contacting the administration of the Service.

9.8. The Client is fully responsible for all losses or lost profits if it is impossible to carry out an exchange operation or blocking the account if the Service could not contact him using the contacts that were indicated at the time of registration on the site.

9.9. When going through the identification procedure, the Client agrees that the Service can examine the documents and data provided (if necessary, a third party may be involved).

9.10. An AML check is carried out on all cryptocurrency wallet addresses when the Service carries out exchange operations. If in the Application the Client indicated a wallet address that is related to Darknet Marketplace, Fraudulent Exchange, Darknet Service, Mixing Service, Illegal Service, Scam, Ransom, Stolen Coins, then the Administration of the Service may request the Client to undergo identification. When confirming this connection after completing identification, the Service returns the funds to the details from which they came. When returning funds, network commissions are withheld when transferring funds.