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Bonus program

NITROCRYPT is an online cryptocurrency exchange service that is constantly improving and improving its offerings. We pay special attention to user feedback and spend a lot of time researching reviews and suggestions. Every day the service receives various comments on improving its work and words of gratitude, and we decided to encourage our customers for this. Take advantage of what we have prepared for you!

During the exchange operation, the service will offer to leave a review about the exchanger on the BestChange cryptocurrency services monitoring site :

BestChange monitoring page , where you need to fill in all the fields and leave a review.

Important: indicate the e- mail address that you specified when creating the application; make sure that the application number is correct, otherwise the bonus may not be credited; the feedback type must be “Positive”.

Bonuses for making exchanges are accrued in the amount of 1% of the exchange amount. One bonus is equal to one Russian ruble.

All bonuses are credited to the internal balance of the account and are displayed in your personal account:

Users can accumulate bonuses and use them, receiving a discount when making a conversion operation in an amount not exceeding 20 percent of the order volume. To write off bonuses - check the box when creating an application:

The administration of the service can change the terms of the program, supplement and exclude certain rules from it, or completely cancel it at any time without notifying the user. By using the NITROCRYPT bonus program, the user agrees and accepts all conditions in full and unconditionally.

How to make an exchange on your site?

To create an application, you must select the direction of exchange from those presented in the "You send" and "You get" sections.

The next step is to specify the amount of currency you want to exchange or the amount you want to receive. The site is able to automatically perform the calculation in any field for entering the amount.

Pay attention to the important alert with additional information.

Fill in all the required data and click "Start Exchange".

Follow the instructions: 1 - make a transfer using details; 2 - after payment, be sure to click the "I paid" button.

Your application will be created. After verification, the funds will be sent to you. To track a Bitcoin transaction, follow the link.

You can start creating a new exchange request or go to your Personal Account.

Thank you for choosing NITROCRYPT.

Do you have an affiliate program?

The NITROCRYPT digital currency service has an affiliate program. The NITROCRYPT digital currency service offers everyone who wants to receive additional income by participating in our affiliate program. Tell your colleagues, friends and just acquaintances about us, share your referral link with them and get a percentage of their transactions. The reward is charged only in case of earnings by the service from the referral invited by you.

To participate in the program, you must register on the site. After that you can get your referral link.

There are two levels of accrual:

the first is the percentage of the transaction of the exchanger with the referral you invited, it is 5% of the accrual of the profit

the second is the percentage of the transaction of the exchanger with the user invited by your referral, it is 3% of the accrual from the profit

Dozens of our clients have already appreciated all the advantages of the NITROCRYPT referral system and have become our permanent partners.


What bonuses are there for regular customers?

The NITROCRYPT digital currency service has nice bonuses for regular users. A profitable loyalty program provides a system of discounts for the user. After registration, the service will automatically provide a 0.05% discount and will increase it as the amount of your exchanges on our website increases.

When will the payout be?

The payout speed depends on the exchange direction you choose. The average time to complete an application is 3-15 minutes. If you send us Bitcoin, we only need 1 confirmation from the network to send you funds. In rare cases, payment on an application may be delayed up to 24 hours. In this case, you can always contact technical support for clarification.

 The NITROCRYPT digital currency service conducts exchanges automatically. The speed of execution depends on the chosen direction of conversion. The average time to complete an application is 3-15 minutes. In rare cases, payment on an application may be delayed up to 24 hours.

Do I need to pass verification for the exchange?

In the NITROCRYPT digital currency service, verification is required when paying with a card. This procedure protects clients from the possible use of accounts for personal gain by fraudsters and helps us to follow the AML / KYC package of measures. The verification process is simple and does not take much time.

I did not find the direction I needed from the exchangers offered.

The NITROCRYPT digital currency service provides its client with the opportunity to offer their own crypto if it is not on the service list. On the main page of the site there is a form for filling in the name of the currency, the desired amount for the exchange and indicating your e-mail or Telegram for feedback. If you have any questions, the technical support service is ready to answer them.

Do I need to register to make an exchange?

In order to make an exchange on our site, it is not necessary to register. The digital currency service NITROCRYPT will automatically register to the e-mail specified in the application.

Service mode?

NITROCRYPT digital currency service works around the clock. 24/7 support schedule.

Create an invoice for payment

It is possible to create an invoice for payment for the buyer in the NITROCRYPT digital currency service. An invoice is a document that notifies the buyer of payment for a product or service. It is convenient and informative: it contains the details of the supplier, the list of goods / services and the amount of payment. On the main page of the site you will find a section through which you can go to the "Invoicing" page.

After filling in the required data, the service will provide a link where the buyer can pay your bill. If you have any questions, the technical support service is ready to answer them.

How to create a ticket from a mobile device

The NITROCRYPT digital currency service launched its own Telegram bot, which gives full access to the functionality of the website for creating an exchange request through a popular messenger. The whole process takes a minimum of time, which makes this functionality in demand. If you have any questions, the technical support service is ready to answer them.

What is confirmation in the Bitcoin network?

In order to transfer Bitcoin from one wallet to another, you need to receive confirmation from the Bitcoin System. Without confirmation of the transaction, the user will not be able to manage the cryptocurrency, which is formally his. This process performs the function of protection. Due to this, the system does not allow the reuse of the same unit of Bitcoin. The confirmation time depends on several things: the amount of the transfer fee, the speed of the Internet connection, the workload of the Bitcoin network, the resource where your wallet is located, etc.

What is an AML check?

AML verification is the fight against illegal activities related to the sphere of circulation of financial resources. The check is aimed at identifying links between user addresses in the blockchain and other participants in the crypto market, noticed for illegal activities. The site administration recommends that users study the provisions of the AML / KYC service for digital currencies NITROCRYPT.